The inspiration for each cookie set we create comes from a lot of different places. Sometimes it arises from brainstorming ideas during our weekly meeting. Other times it comes from unexpected places. In this case, we found a Christmas gift tag set at a local store. The set was filled with lots of colors, Santas, snowmen and even Mickey Mouse made an appearance. But a few of the gift tags, in particular, stood out as shimmery and beautiful and we decided this would work as the inspiration for Winter Wonderland Cookies.

Supplies for Winter Wonderland Cookies

Supplies needed for Winter Wonderland Cookies

  • Classic sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in white and yellow (that’s it, two colors)
  • Cookie cutters: ice skate, tree, snowflakes, reindeer, plaque, and circle
  • Americolor airbrush food gel in gold and blue shimmer
  • Black edible marker
  • Non pareils and dragees

Ice Skate

Outline and fill the top fringe of the skate, while the icing is still wet add non pareils.
Outline the boot area.
Fill the boot with white icing.
Next, add the blade and laces. Paint the gold areas with edible gold sheen.
Ice skate for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Paint the skate boot with edible pearl sheen.

Shimmer Trees

Outline and fill the tree with yellow icing. Make several trees.
Using white, outline and fill the tree. Make several trees.
Add shimmery gold sanding sugar to yellow cookie while icing is still wet.
After white trees have dried use different stencils to add gold stripes with an airbrush.
These stripes are more narrow.
Different tree patterns for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Add polka dots, stars and garland to the trees. Don’t forget the star on top.

Snow Flake

Outline the snow flake.
Then fill the snow flake.
Add three lines criss crossing in the center of the cookie.
Add two v shapes on each point.
Snowflake for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Add smaller criss cross lines in the middle and a gold shimmer dragee, add dots on the end of the points and around the sides.


Outline reindeer.
Fill with white icing and allow to dry for an hour.
Paint the entire reindeer with pearl airbrush shimmer. Add antlers.
Reindeer for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Add the eye, nose, spots, hooves and a collar with bow.

Polar Bear

Outline globe for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Draw an outline on the circle.
Fill globe for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Fill the circle and allow to dry for 2 hours.
Paint sky for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Using blue shimmer airbrush color, paint the cookie leaving a small area on the bottom. Paint the white area with pearl shimmer airbrush color. Allow to dry for an hour.
Scrap stars for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Take a star stencil and scrape thick consistency yellow icing across the blue sky of the cookie.
Pretty little moon too.
Add polar bear transfer for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Now its time to add your polar bear transfer.
Polar bear for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Add the bear claws and face with black edible marker. Add the trees and drag a toothpick through the center from the bottom to the top.

Winter Wonderland

Outline the plaque cookie.
Fill the cookie.
We found this font online, using a pico projector, write Winter Wonderland.
Title plaque for Winter Wonderland Cookies
Add snowflakes and dots. Paint all cookies with exposed yellow areas with the gold shimmer. We find its helpful to add a small drop of everclear to the gold shimmer while painting. The paint dries faster and is a little easier to work with.
Winter Wonderland Cookies Set

Take a look at how we made Winter Wonderland Cookies on this video: