It seems like we both had a lot of friends and loved ones who have been having health issues of late. Sometimes when you are unwell, all you need is a reminder of how tough you are to get through the hard times. These You’re One Tough Cookie homemade cookies are a great way to let someone know you are in their corner and really care. Whether you need to send a get-well, thinking of you, or cheer up for one of your loved ones, this cookie set will add a little humor to their recovery.

Supplies needed for You’re One Tough Cookie set:

  • Classic sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in white, flesh, light blue, and black colors
  • Cookie cutters: graduation gown, heart, double hearts, circle, and rectangle
  • Nonpareils
  • Dragée

Steps to make hospital gown cookie:

The hospital gown cookie is the star of this set. A little humor goes a long way! This little peek-a-boo opening in the back of the gown is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Steps to make stethoscope cookie:

Listening is one of the most important ways you can show empathy. Show you are listening and care by making a stethoscope on a double heart cookie.

Steps to make pill cookie:

Getting the medicine down doesn’t have to be painful with these sweet pill cookies. Have a treat after you take your medicine as a reward. There are lots of pill cookie cutters out there like this one but we didn’t have one on hand. To improvise, we cut a circle in half and added each end to a rectangle before baking it to create a pill shape. You can see the lines on the naked cookie but once it’s decorated, no one will notice;)

Steps to make You’re One Tough Cookie:

A heart makes the perfect shape for the background of our message cookie. It reinforces how much you care.

Watch this video to see how we made the You’re One Tough Cookie set: