These days it seems like the little things in life are more important than ever – warm, sunny days, casual bike rides, and taking time to smell the flowers. These simple things truly give us a zest for life! We’ve mentioned that we find inspiration for our cookie sets everywhere. The idea for this set arose while we were collaborating on Jamboard. We started with the bicycle but knowing how hard they are to decorate in cookies, wanted to simplify them a little. To add a fun twist (pun intended), we made the wheels like like citrus halves. This set is admittedly eclectic and we love the soft color palate. Enjoy learning how to make Zest for Life cookies.

Supplies needed for Zest for Life Cookies:

Zest for Life kit

  • Rolled sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing recipe in colors: brown, white, pink, yellow, green and orange
  • Cookie cutters: plaque, bicycle, circle, flower, rectangle and sunshine
  • Black edible marker and pink petal dust

Steps to make bicycle cookie:

Bring a little zest to a bicycle cookie by making the wheels look like citrus slices. And yes, we had to google search a bike part diagram to figure out what to call all the bike parts!

Outline bike with white pipe consistency icing.
Fill with white flood consistency icing. Allow cookie to completely dry.
Using orange pipe consistency icing, draw a circle for the wheel. While the icing is still wet, using white pipe consistency icing, add a circle just inside the border and a dot in the middle.
Using a scribe tool or a toothpick drag the icing from the edge of the cookie to the center. Repeat the steps with the other wheel.
Using brown pipe consistency icing draw the fenders over the wheels. Next draw a line for the front fork, a line for the frame tube and a triangle for the rear frame.
Next add the “v” shape for the down tubes.
Now add a saddle seat, handle bars and chain plate.
Finally, add pedals.

Steps to make sunshine cookie:

Outline sunshine cookie using yellow pipe consistency icing.
Fill using yellow flood consistency icing, allow cookie to completely dry.
Using a black edible maker, add eyes, eyelashes and a smile. Add rosy cheeks using pink edible luster dust.
Using yellow pipe consistency icing, add sun rays around the perimeter of the cookie. Do you like the sun with or without the rays?

Steps to make citrus cookie:

Citrus cookies are fun and easy to make. This shows you how to make the lime citrus cookie. Repeat the steps with orange and yellow royal icing to create orange and lemon ones too!

Outline circle with green pipe consistency icing.
Fill with flood consistency icing.
Immediately add a circle just inside the outer edge of the cookie and a dot in the middle.
Using a scribe tool or toothpick drag the icing from the outside the the center of the cookie spacing evenly around the cookie.

Steps to make flower cookie:

Using pink pipe consistency icing, draw the flower petals
Fill two non adjacent petals and let dry for 5 minutes, then fill the rest of the petals and allow them to dry. This allows the petals to hold their border.
Using orange pipe consistency icing draw random overlapping outlines just inside the edge of the petals.
Add stamen dots using brown pipe consistency icing.

Steps to make beach blanket cookie:

Leave a small border on the left and right side of the cookie. Outline with pink pipe consistency icing.
Next add a pink stripe with pipe consistency icing and fill with pink flood consistency icing.
Add a slender white stripe.
Repeat adding a green stripe.
Fill then center cavity with orange flood consistency icing.
For the final detail add the blanket trim using pink pipe consistency icing. We used a 1.5 tip for this task.

Steps for Zest for Life cookie:

Repeat the steps used to make vertical stripes on the blanket cookie using different colors, allow to dry completely and add wording “Zest for Life”.

Zest for Life Cookies:

Zest for Life Cookies